Cellsalts for alkalizing your body

Remedy for under eye bags

Unsightly swelling of the area under the eyes; the appearance can come quickly with kidney problems or long-term with kidney, liver, and colon problems. Causes are kidney or liver weakness. Medicine sees the bags as a weakness in the connective tissue around the eyes. They use surgery to remove eye bags, but bags may return as the cause has not been addressed. From the natural perspective we see eye bags as kidney or bladder weakness. The eye most affected represents the kidney most affected. There can also be liver or colon involvement when the eye bags are lower under the eyes. This may be a sign of poor nutritional health. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, coffee, black tea, soda, and fast food. Chronic therapy can take 6 12 months to reduce.
Cell Salts to Help with Bags Under Eyes
To make a cell salt solution, put up to 10 tablets of each cell salt in a 16- to 24-ounce bottle; fill with water and swirl to dissolve tablets. Sip throughout the day. Learn more about cell salts >
  • #1 Calc fluor 6X chronic eye bags, connective tissue weakness
  • #11 Nat sulph 6X acute or chronic eye bags from liver issues
  • #12 Silicea 6X chronic eye bags and connective tissue weakness

A while back I was able to join a "secret Facebook group" that Tim Goyetche has. He supposedly is good at reading faces to se what cell salts you need to balance your body. It seemed like a good idea so I posted my picture and got some good (???) advice. For some reason one day I was booted off the group without any explanation. I did get an explanation for another person saying I was booted off because I had "spammed" the group which is really funny because if you go to Google and search for "Tim Goyetche", the first thing that comes up as a suggestion is "Tim Goyetche spammer". What I had done is to post 2 links, one to Naturalnews.com since it linked to something Tim was talking about and another link to this web site since it was talking about coconut oil.
Last week a homeopathic practitioner asked a question and Tim just blew her off and went on a tirad saying he wasn't going to give away anything for free so other people could charge for it. He didn't even know if that was what she was going to do or not. He also told someone else on his Facebook page, that we were booted off because I was rude and a "know it all" so if I knew it all, "why didn't I go out and do it all". What a jerk is all I can say. He think he is all that and then some.
There are other people out there that are couteous and nice and we don't need his knowledge. He can take it and shove it.\

One thing I learned was that there are differences between the different brands of cell salts/tissue salts. I didn't know that so I spent a small fortune on Hyland's cell salts for nothing. As far as I know now, it is a waste of money buying Hyland's brand. There supposedly is another brand that works and it is called Reckweg. I haven't bought it yet but Simone717 swears by them so whenever I have saved some money, I will buy them and try them out.
If anyone have questions about which cell salt to use, email me and I will see what I can do for you.

I ordered the Fibro formula to see if it would be as good as I have been told, that the quality was way better, so we'll see if anything is happening, because even after 3-4 months of using Hyland's brand nothing visible happened. To me it just seems like a waste of money buying Hyland's cell salts.

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