More alkaline, less grey hair? Make your own Alkaline water
Coconut Oil better than being alkaline?

More alkaline, less grey hair?

Can an alkaline diet really change the hair color and get rid of grey hair?

None has so far told us that it actually can change your hair color so we are now doing a research to see if it really can happen and that too much acidity in your body is one of the reasons for grey hair.

We believe, but has nothing to back it up, that grey hair is a result of aicidosis. If aging is a result of acid waste in your body, then there is a good chance that grey hair that usually comes with age, is also a result of acidity.
We'll keep you updated of the results here.

We have got the first result from a member that has been using alkaline water and biocarb-balance for 3 weeks and reports that her grey hair is slowly turning back to her original color.
She also reports that where her hair was thinning it started growing again, and it has her own hair color and not grey!

I have been using Acai juice, lemons mixed in water with high pH value for about 4 weeks and not only is my hair getting is original color back but it is also started growing in places where I was bald.
I create my own blends that I drink almost all day. First I drink water with high pH vale and squeeze half a lemon in the water. Taste great and is highly alakalizing.
Several times a day I mix lemon and baking soda in my Acai juice. It has a really refreshing taste and is good not only for its alkalizing effect but also helps against heart burn and constipation.

Grey hair gone! well, almost anyway. My real hair color that I had when I was young starts showing up again PLUS the new hair that starts growing is not grey, it has my old color. THIS IS GREAT!!! And all I did was to try to get my body more alkaline.

Here is another thing that I have found out about grey hair. If you start using Iodine, especially Nascent Iodine, your hair will start turning back to your original color after just a few weeks. I am not sure why this is happening and haven't seen any real studies on it, but I know it works for some reason.

If you have results you want to share with us, please email us .


Make your own Alkaline water

Now you can create your own alkaline water

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    Coconut Oil better than being alkaline?

    Research shows that coconut Oil might be better than water

    A lot of people have been talking about Coconut Oil, the organic version, actually treats their hair and that a lot of people have, not only grown their back, but also got it back in their original color!
    We decided to test it since we have been getting bald with grey hair for the last 10-15 years now, and it is amazing that it DOES work! Hair has started growing back and both the gray hair and the new hair is slowly turnig black, which was my original hair color. For best result you need to use the extra virgin oil. Don't buy the Wal-Mart stuff since it doesn't have all the good stuff in it.
    There are different ways of taking it and using it and we use two ways, eat it (YUMMY!) and use it on your hair. Don't be afraid of the smell. It goes away after an hour or so.
    Want to try it? We recommend and if you use our referral code, LEK705, when you check out you get $5 off of your first order. We have bought and use the Nutiva Coconut Oil which,even with shipping is half the price of what it costs in a health store!
    The oil tastes great and it is not as "oily" in the taste as othe coconut oils I have tried.

    Buy your organic Coconut Oil here.

    Here's a great recipe so you can eat your coconut oil all day long:
    1. Buy Coconut Oil
    2. Buy chocolate almond bark for melting
    3. Buy coconut flakes in a health store
    4. Take 10 tea spoons of coconut oil and mix with the chocolate to melt
    5. Mix chocolate, coconut oil and coconut flakes
    6. Put the mix on aluminum foil in the fridge.
    7. Take the candy to work, hikes for an extra boost
    Remember that it took a while for you to loose your hair and/or to get grey hair so it will take a while to get it back. Hair does not grow very fast so BE PATIENT! IT DOES WORK!
    Here's a try to explain why it works.

    The mystery of why human hair turns grey as we age has finally been solved by a team of European scientists and wisdom has nothing to do with it.
    Science Daily reports that greying hair is caused by a massive build-up of hydrogen peroxide the chemical women have long used to dye their hair blonde due to wear and tear of hair follicles.
    The researchers discovered that the hydrogen peroxide build-up was caused from the reduction of an enzyme (catalase) that breaks apart hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.

    So, where do you get more catalase from? There are pills you buy but I do not think it is worth it. A better way is to buy food that are high in polyphenols. Coconut oil is one of them and apple polyphenols is said to be best to get.

    Can Iodine deficiency be a problem?

    The hair is made up of a protein called keratin and melanin is the substance that gives hair its color. Eumelanin and pheomelanin are the two type of melanin responsible for hair color. Eumelanin is responsible for the black color of hair and when it is deficient in the body, its leads to gray hair. Generally, when the production of melanin stops or slows down, the hair begins to turn gray.
    There are ways of reversing and reducing gray hair but it is better you prevent it than treat it. When hair follicles stop to produce oil to the scalp, it results in hair graying so preventing the hair follicles from doing that is the best way to stop gray hair. Vitamins and other nutrients required for hair growth can also prevent and reverse gray hair so taking them in the right proportion is advised. Vitamin B12 is an important vitamin that prevent premature gray hair. When you lack vitamin B12, the chances of your hair graying are very high. Foods that contain vitamin B12 include wheat, meat, soybeans, oat, dairy products, eggs and green leafs. Fruits and poultry foods too can help to prevent premature graying of hair.
    You should know that the body generally needs iodine for proper body metabolism. When there is deficiency of the thyroid hormone, it can lead to gray hair because it will affect the hair follicles. Consuming foods that are rich in protein, iodine and some minerals such as copper and zinc can help to reduce the effect of gray hair and promote good and healthy hair growth. Using iodized salt, consuming fruits, poultry foods, green vegetables, meat legumes, seafood, mushrooms and whole grains are good for the hair. Iodine, protein, copper and zinc are nutrients required to be in your diet as they prevent premature gray hair. REMEMBER: You should always also take Selenium if you supplement your Iodine!

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