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Skin Infections Caused by Fungi

It's interesting to read about all skin infections and how lots of people tells you what the cause of them are. They are mostly coming to the same conclusion but lack the last piece, WHY we get these infections.

Approximately 90 per cent of fungal skin infections are caused by 'dermatophytes', which are parasitic fungi affecting the skin, hair, or nails. There are three groups of dermatophytes, called Trichophyton (affects skin, hair and nails), Microsporum (a type of fungus that causes ringworm epidemics in children) and Epidermophyton (A fungal which grows on the outer layer of the skin and is the cause of tinea). These infections are mostly seen after puberty with the exception of Tinea capitis, which is a fungal infection involving scalp hair, seen in children. Dermatophytes also produce what is widely known as 'Ringworm', in which the fungi limit themselves to dead Keratin, a protein found on the skin.


I understand now that the fine balance between acidity and alkaline is what we need to keep our body healthy. There is only one illnessbut is shows up in diffent shapes in our bodies. No matter if you suffer from Candida, athlete's foot or ringing in the ear, they all have the same root, acidity in your body.

The cure for most diseases, if not all, is to keep your body's acid level low and one reason for us having a lime on our web page as a logo is that it is highly alkaline. Read more aboutAcid-Alkaline food chart. I believe that the healing comes from within and that our body is the perfect machine if we take care of it the way we are supposed to be.
The "business" of finding a cure for cancer has been going on for centuries, leading down to a Dead End. Exactly how many billions of dollars has been spent on finding nothing when the answer is nothing but treat your body the God intended. "Heal thyself!"

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