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Athletes foot

How I cured my athlete's foot in a week

The body is made to be more alkaline than acidic. It is our diet that turns the body highly acidic. What this does is open the door to disease and infection. To aid the body in fighting off diseases and fungal infections you need to create an environment that will not support disease or infection and helps with cures and treatments. None of which can survive in an alkaline state. To get the body back to an alkaline state you need to eliminate foods highly acidic and feed the good cultures that are naturally present in the body to remedy infections and diseases.

For many year, on and off, I have suffered from Athlete's Foot. It comes and goes and I had never found any cure for it. Some sprays has helped a little bit but I never was able to get rid of it totally.
I started drinking water with a high PH value and started eating fruits and vegetables with that are high in alkaline. After a couple of days my feet started getting better, the icky smell diasppeared.

Since athlete’s foot, toenail, fingernail, skin and foot fungus is an acid condition, acid forming foods should be eliminated. These include red meats and foods high in phosphates, such as sodas, sugary foods, and fried foods (diabetic friendly tips).

Here's another "funny" thing that happened when I got high blood pressure and high cholesterol. When I started to take a mix od supplements that are supposed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, the Athlete's Foot went away. I am not sure exactly what did it or what the combination is to get rid of it but these are the things I used.
I used Lipoic Acid, L-carnitine, L-Arginine, Calcium with D3, Potassium and Magnesium plus Omega3 and a dose of Mulitvitamins.

Drugs for Athlete's Foot

Most drugs on the market today is not good for your body. Just look at all the side effects. If one doesn't kill you, the side effects will.

There are three common types of athlete's foot.
  • soles of the feet, also called "moccasin" type
  • between the toes, also called "interdigital" type
  • inflammatory type or blistering

What they all have in common is that it is a fungus and as we know, fungi can not live in an alkaline body.

Drugs used for Athlete's Foot (does not treat the cause of it!)

  • clotrimazole, Lotrimin, Mycelex
  • ketoconazole, Nizoral
  • miconazole, Monistat; Femizol; Vagistat; M-Zole; Micatin; Lotrimin
  • fluconazole, Diflucan

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