Is Aspartame dangerous?

Sweeteners to Use Sweeteners to Avoid
Stevia * Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal, Canderel)
Other Low Carb Sweeteners Neotame
Evaporated Cane Juice Sucralose (Splenda, Altern)
Fruit Juice Acesulfame-K (Sunette, Sweet & Safe, Sweet One)
Rice SyrupCyclamates
Licorice Root (small amounts)Refined Sugar #
Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)High Fructose Sweeteners #
Vegetable Glycerin...
Sugar Alcohols (xylitol, sorbitol) ^...
Maple Syrup (Without Added Sugar)...
Barley Malt...
* Safe for Diabetics# Can Be Used in Very Small Amounts
While Transitioning to Healthier Sweeteners
^ Use in Small Amounts
Avoid if you have bowel disease

The experts speak on aspartame:
Dr. Richard Wurtman (1986), a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, stated that he had been contacted by more than 100 people with alleged aspartame-associated seizures. He also was impressed by the frequency of previous migraine in such individuals, and the intensification of their headaches prior to convulsions. Furthermore, his experimental studies indicate that low doses of aspartame enhance seizures in animals predisposed to abnormal brain activity (Wurtman 1987c). Aspartame Is It Safe? by H J Roberts MD, page 90

The NutraSweet® manufactures have marshaled scientific studies which disclaim a connection to headaches. And, as with seizures, much of the human connection is anecdotal. In a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Donald R. Johns reported what appeared to be a connection between a case of migraines and the consumption of large amounts of NutraSweet®-containing beverage.458 It involved a thirty-one-year-old woman with a known history of well controlled migraine headaches, that is, well controlled until she began to drink six to eight 12 ounce cans of diet cola sweetened with NutraSweet®, 15 tablets of aspartame and other foods containing aspartame (approximately 1000 to 1500 mg) daily. Approximately two hours after ingesting the drinks she noticed stomach upset and a throbbing headache. Excitotoxins by Russell L Blaylock MD, page 199

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Symptoms of Aspartame poisoning

Here are the 92 the FDA agreed were symptoms for aspartame. However, there are many more in Dr. Roberts medical text:

Dizziness or Problems with Balance
Change in Mood Quality or Level
Vomiting and Nausea
Abdominal Pain and Cramps
Change in Vision
Diarrhea Seizures and Convulsions
Memory Loss
Fatigue, weakness
Other neurological
Sleep problems
Change in Heart Rate
Change in Sensation (Numbness, Tingling)
Grand Mal
Local Swelling
Change in Activity Level
Difficulty Breathing
Oral Sensory Changes
Change in Menstrual Pattern
Other Skin
Other Localized Pain and Tenderness
Other Urogenital Change in Body Temperature
Difficulty Swallowing
Other Metabolic Joint and Bone Pain
Speech Impairment
Other Gastrointestinal
Chest Pain
Other Musculo-Skeletal
Sore Throat
Other Cardiovascular
Change in Taste
Difficulty with Urination
Other Respiratory
Change in Hearing
Abdominal Swelling
Change in Saliva Output
Change in Urine Volume
Change in Perspiration Pattern
Eye Irritation
Muscle Tremors
Petit Mal
Change in Appetite
Change in Body Weight
Change in Thirst or Water Intake
Unconsciousness and Coma
Other Extremity
Problems with Bleeding
Unsteady Gait
Coughing Blood
Glucose Disorders
Blood Pressure Changes
Changes in Skin and Nail Coloration
Change in hair or nails
Excessive phlegm Production
Sinus Problems Simple
Partial Seizures
Any Lumps Present
Shortness of Breath on Exertion
Evidence of Blood in Stool or Vomit
Dental Problems
Change in smell
Other Blood and Lymphatic
Complex Partial Seizures
Swollen Lymph Nodes
Shortness of Breath Due to Position
Difficulties with Pregnancy
(Children Only) Developmental Retardation
Change in Breast Size or Tenderness
Change in Sexual Function
Dilating Eyes


Aspartame Detox

There are a number of steps individuals can take to detox and recover (to the extent possible) from aspartame poisoning:

  1. Avoid all aspartame as well as all of the "Sweeteners To Avoid" listed above. Remember to check ingredients carefully.

  2. Since aspartame can be very addicting, it is not a good idea to cut out both aspartame and caffeine at the same time. Aspartame is far more toxic and should be eliminated immediately. Be aware that aspartame withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

  3. Avoid other excitotoxins in foods including MSG, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed proteins, autolyzed yeast, yeast extract, and glutamic acid, aspartic acid, and cysteine supplements (which are often in "free-form" unlike when found in food). Many practitioners recommend taking a magnesium supplement (e.g., magnesium gluconate) to help overcome the excitotoxic damage from aspartame and MSG.

  4. Consider using one or more of the powerful health-building steps detailed in the articles on the Holistic Medicine Web Page on the Internet at:

    This is very important for persons who want to avoid other toxic or potentially toxic products and who want to gradually increase their health and vitality. Start with printing out and reading the articles.

  5. Outlines of a few simple detoxification ideas can be found on the Internet at:

  6. Healthcare practitioners who are often knowledgeable about aspartame poisoning include: Environmental Medicine Doctors, Holistic & Alternative Medicine Physicians and many conventional physicians, Oriental Medicine Doctors, Chiropractors, and Osteopaths. The Directories of Practitioners Web Site on the Internet can help you locate such a healthcare practitioner for treatment if needed:

  7. It is very important to keep a positive outlook. Once you switch to non-poisonous sweeteners, you can be proud that you are no longer ingesting a poison that distributes formaldehyde, an excitotoxin, and DKP throughout the body. You will now be taking good care of yourself!

    It can take 60 days without aspartame (and in more severe poisoning cases longer) before symptoms begin to improve.

  8. It is normal for persons to be very angry with the board of director and managers at Monsanto, Ajinomoto, MSD Investing (Dell), Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, public relations firms, government beaurocrafts and others involved in the approval, manufacture and distribution of poisons (e.g., aspartame) to the general public and deceiving the general public in order to satisfy their greed.

    While anger is a normal and healthy initial reaction, it is important to have the goal of forgiving these individuals and companies over time. It is still possible to strongly voice an opinion against the sale of aspartame, avoid products made by companies involved, and share toxicity information with others to warn them, yet forgive the persons involved. Forgiveness will help with healing because it allows the body, mind, and spirit to relax, and thereby promotes and deeper and more perminant healing.

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