Cellsalts for alkalizing your body

Cell salts for alkalizig your body

This is NOT a cancer treatment!!!!!! It would be highly illegal to make such a claim, and I would never violate the law!
Here's my new heavy-duty alkalizing formula which is now named the Can-do formula.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate 2x
  • Sodium Bicarbonate 2x
  • Sodium Bicarbonate 2x
  • Potassium Iodide 3X
  • Potassium Iodide 3X
  • Potassium Phosphate 3X
  • Potassium Chloride 3X
  • Potassium Chloride 3X
  • Calcium Sulfide 3X
  • Gold Chloride Sodium 3X
  • Sodium Phosphate 2x
  • Sodium Sulphate 3X

*The duplicates and triplicates are intentional multiple doses in a single tablet.
Now let me break down each ingredient for you and explain its function within the human body, please note that I must add a disclaimer that any reference to an individual mineral's function when it comes to tumor-based cancers is strictly coincidental.
This is a body alkalizing formula to help reverse acidosis and there is no correlation intended or implied between this method of reversing acidosis and the University of Alberta using DCA to reverse acidosis which is providing them with a 70% success rate in treating tumor-based cancers. It is not my intention to correlate the two of these. That would be illegal to make such a claim, so I would never do that. :-)

  • Sodium Bicarbonate: Sodium bicarbonate is a naturally occurring mineral in healthy soil, but bicarbonate is produced by the kidneys in order to combat acids within the body so that it can maintain a neutral pH.
  • Potassium Iodide: this is being used strictly as a potassium supplement to offset the sodium bicarbonate which will deplete potassium within the human body. The incorporation a potassium iodide has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it battles cancers that have reached the lymphatic system. Completely irrelevant! :-)
  • Potassium Phosphate: Once again, this is being used strictly to offset the potassium loss from sodium bicarbonate and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it is used to support people undergoing chemotherapy. We are only using it here to offset the potassium losses.
  • Potassium Chloride: We need to make sure that we have a full range of potassium replaced, and again, because there is no correlation, it has nothing to do with the fact that potassium chloride is a natural tumor suppressor. Just for the potassium.
  • Calcium Sulfide: Another essential mineral that is responsible for maintaining the pH balance of the human body. It really is coincidental that it is also responsible for detoxifying the blood.
  • Gold Chloride Sodium: Another go to mineral when the body is over acidic, and once again it has nothing to do with the fact that there are countless studies that show that gold chloride is a viable alternative to traditional cancers treatments in order to treat tumor-based cancers. It has nothing to do with that. It is just a great alkalizer of the human body.
  • Sodium Phosphate: This is the other most powerful body alkalizer, and it really has nothing to do with the fact that icky contaminates the human body from environmental toxins nor that it is used as a treatment when cancer reaches the lymphatic system.
  • Sodium Sulphate: the incorporation of sodium sulphate into this formula is to optimize kidney function so that they can do their best that alkalizing the body themselves. Again, this has nothing to do with the fact that sodium sulphate is a tumor suppressor and also used in blood-borne cancers such as leukemia.

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