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The first and best thing to get is calcium. If you don't supply Calcium to your body, be it in pill form or organic, then your body will take from wherever it can. Using cell salts or tissue salts might also be a very good idea.

In a rural community, where low calcium intakes and a high prevalence of hypocalcemia elevated alkaline phosphatase values and hypocalciuria had previously been documented, two groups of 30 black school children were supplemented with calcium (500 mg/day) or a placebo for a period of 3 months. No change in serum calcium or alkaline phosphatase values occurred in the placebo group, while a significant rise in mean serum calcium and fall in mean alkaline phosphatase concentrations was found in the calcium-supplemented group over the 3-month trial. No difference in growth velocities in the two groups of children was noted over the period. These results suggest that the prevalence of biochemical abnormalities in the rural population is related to a low dietary calcium intake which can be corrected by a supplement of oral calcium only.

JM Pettifor, P Ross, G Moodley and E Shuenyane

If you buy Calcium Supplements, look for and ask for the absorbtion rate. It should be as high as possible. Calcium supplements with low to medium absorption rates will in fact hurt you more than they help you, because unabsorbed calcium interacts with inorganic compounds to form stones.


Most powerful thing you can use

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