Alkaline Intake

What are you supposed to eat and drink if you want to raise your PH value in your body? Most people don't really want to change their diet, stop drinking soda or coffee or get away from the way they live right now.
You would think that if you want to get rid of diseases, body aches, head aches, arthritis and whatever else that is caused by too much acid waste that people would want to change their eating habits. Lot's of people have changed their eating habits but a lot more needs to thinkabout what they eat.

Are there any diets that work? Atkins diet looked promising if you look at what you can eat the first weeks. Atkins diet tells you to eat sallads for 2 weeks and then you can gradually increase your intake of meat. What Atkins didn't realise was that it was the sallads you ate the first weeks that helped you loose weight and get rid of acid waste. Starting to eat meat after that ruins the whole idea.

The South Beach Diet is not bad but it still has too much acidic meat even if most servings have sallads.

What you need to think about when you choose what to eat is "The greener it is, the better it is to eat".

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