My first contact with alkaline

Now when it has been determined that an alkaline body is more conductive to health and well-being than an acid one. It's never been easier to have a more alkaline body to fight disease and stay healthy.
To have an Alkaline Body pH means that the pH of the blood is above 7 with the ideal pH being 7.35.

My first contact and interest in alkaline vs. acid bodies was when I heard that they consider cancer a fungus and can be treated with sodium bicarbonate.
I started reading about body functions and got interested in how the human body works, how intelligent it has been created and what we need to do to keep it healthy.

From that realization my mind followed a syllogistic path that was to give me the solution I had been waiting for so long: if psoriasis, an incurable disease, is caused by a fungus, then it is possible that cancer, another incurable disease, could be caused by a fungus. That link was what started all the experiences, the experiments, the verifications and the results, through relentless and “underground” work that brought great professional satisfaction to me and that allowed me to perfect a therapy that is very efficacious against neoplastic masses, that is, against fungin colonies.

Dr. Simoncini

I understand now that the fine balance between acidity and alkaline is what we need to keep our body healthy. There is only one illnessbut is shows up in diffent shapes in our bodies. No matter if you suffer from Candida, athlete's foot or ringing in the ear, they all have the same root, acidity in your body.

The cure for most diseases, if not all, is to keep your body's acid level low and one reason for us having a lime on our web page as a logo is that it is highly alkaline. Read more aboutAcid-Alkaline food chart. I believe that the healing comes from within and that our body is the perfect machine if we take care of it the way we are supposed to be.
The "business" of finding a cure for cancer has been going on for centuries, leading down to a Dead End. Exactly how many billions of dollars has been spent on finding nothing when the answer is nothing but treat your body the way God intended. "Heal thyself!"


Blood PH Value

Our body tries, and does a great job in doing so despite what we eat, to keep the PH value at 7.2
To be able to keep it at 7.2 it needs to use other parts of the body that is more alkaline and deposit waste products like gall stones where the body can get rid of them. You need to be aware of people who says their pruducts will change the bloods PH value, because if it does you might die from it.

The ideal pH level for human blood is 7.43 - therefore being just slightly alkaline. A reading above 7.5 pH would indicate an overly alkaline state (called alkalosis) and lower than 7.0 pH would indicate an overly acidic state (acidosis).

Here are a few common signs and symptoms of an "overly acidic" body pH balance:

• Chronic fatigue • Weak kidneys
• Excessive stress • Difficult weight loss
• Chronic aches • Malaise
• Mental confusion • Skin problems
• Frequent Colds • Headaches
• Sudden weight gain • Constipation

What not to eat

It's easy to know what not to eat. If you eat junk food, drink pop eat a lot of sugar then you are on the wrong track.
Our body is not created to handle that type of food and has to get rid of it somehow. This generates lots of waste products that needs to go somewhere.
What IS good for you to eat?

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Anything that is alkaline...

Green raw foods and whole foods, and the right combination of vegetable juices and water, can do much to reduce the build up of acid toxicity and promote a healing environment for the lining of your digestive tract.

Here are the four (4) basic Food Groups and their respective Acidity Rating:

Food Group: Acidity Rating:
Meats, Fish & Poultry Very Acidic
Gravies & Cereals Acidic
Eggs & Dairy Products Acidic
Vegetables & Fruits Alkaline


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